Maintenance Request

Maintenance Work Order

At REAL Star Property Management, LLC, we are fully committed to making your rental business a success. Please see below for instructions on submitting maintenance work orders and some helpful tips on managing your home for rent in Killeen, Harker Heights, Temple, Salado, Round Rock, Georgetown or Troy, TX.

Instructions to Expedite your Work Order Request

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  1. Login to your account using internet explorer (This is the same place you make your payment online. You can call the office to get your login information if you don’t remember it.)
    1. You will be able to track the work order’s progress.
    2. You will be copied the moment the work order is assigned to maintenance.
    3. You will help speed up the work order progress and it keeps a history of ALL work orders submitted by you.
  2. Click on “Maintenance”
  3. Click on “New Service Request”
  4. Fill in all the details regarding your maintenance request (attach a picture if possible)

Most emergency work orders are completed within 24-48 hours. Most non-emergency work orders can be completed within 10 days.

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Maintenance Tips

Here are some helpful tips for making sure your rental home stays in good working order and your property management requests are speedily met.

  • Being Detailed Is Key. To ensure that repairs are completed on the first visit, please provide all details of your specific service need in your home for rent in Harker Heights.
  • Cut Down On Water Bills. Make sure your toilet is not running or your faucets are not dripping. When they do so, they waste water and cause your water bill to go up.
  • Keep Dishwasher & Trash Disposal Going Strong. Please run your dishwasher at least once-a-month and your trash disposal at least once-a-week. Dishwasher soap is much better for your dishwasher’s well-being than dish soap, too.
  • Change Filter For Air Conditioning and Heating. Please be sure to clean or change your air filter every month. Doing so will help your heater and air conditioner operate suitably and efficiently over time. For replaceable filters, new filters can be found at your local department store or home improvement store in Killeen or Harker Heights. The required filter size usually can be found on the side of the filter itself or on the packaging in which the filter came.
  • Air Conditioning Or Heating Has Issues. For the first step, try cleaning or changing your filter. A tripped circuit breaker may also be to blame. Make sure they are okay by turning all of the breakers off and then on again. It’s best to submit a work order to our property management team if you’re still having problems.
  • Garbage Disposal Is Not Working. If you have problems with the garbage disposal system in your home for rent, please look at the reset button on the bottom of your equipment. Push the button in. If you continue to have trouble, try moving the blades from the bottom of the disposal with the help of an allen wrench. Please do not put your hand or any tools inside the disposal, as doing so can be a big safety hazard. Let our professional Killeen property management team visit your rental home and rectify the issue.
  • Stay On Top Of Repair Needs. A great way to ensure big, time-consuming repair needs don’t creep up is to tend to those needs when they’re small. Conduct a monthly evaluation of your rental home’s equipment and make sure everything is operating correctly. If something’s not, be sure to report it at our Killeen or Temple office. Vigilance in the long run brings peace of mind and fewer repair or servicing demands.

Call us at (254) 935 – 2392 for all your property management needs in Killeen, Harker Heights, Temple, Belton, Georgetown, Salado, Troy or other areas of Central Texas.

For After-Hours Emergency Maintenance Requests

Please call 254-935-2392 (select option 9). Leave a detailed message including your name, phone number, address, and emergency circumstances. You can also email us at [email protected]

We will tend to your emergency request as soon as possible.

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