What Young Couples Look For In A Rental Property

Young couples looking for rental property prioritize financial viability and convenience over everything else. The size of property, interior and exterior appeal of the property, modern facilities, etc. are of other factors that play a key role.

Here is an extensive list of certain things that young couples consider while looking for a rental property:

  • Finances: The first and foremost thing that couples consider when looking for a house on rent is their budget. Young couples prioritize saving rather than spending on a high-end house. In addition to the house, they have other financial responsibilities such as student debts, day-to-day groceries, entertainment as well as recreation expenses and so on.
  • Good Condition And No Hidden Flaws: Younger couples prefer a house with a strong foundation, good electrical system, sturdy doors and windows, no mold issues, sufficient water pressure, natural light, a decent number of electric outlets and well-maintained heating and cooling system. They do not want to spend time and money on fixing & repairing the house.
  • Less Luxurious Features: Luxurious features like hardwood floors, granite countertops etc. are usually not on a young couple’s high priority list. When looking for a house, all they want is a simple, practical and comfortable place to live.
  • Practical And Decent Size: Young couples look for rental homes that are neither too big nor too small as they want houses that are compact and easy to maintain. Important considerations in the mind of an average young couple when deciding on the right size of a house would be guests, electric costs, and kids in the near future.
  • Neighborhood/Location: Couples who are just starting off their lives want to live in a house with a good neighborhood. Young couples planning to start a family soon may prefer to live in a good school district. Some couples might want a place that is near restaurants, clubs and bars, whereas those with a pet would want a home in vicinity of a park for taking their pets on a walk. Neighborhoods that offer convenient public transport facility are also a favorable choice for young couples.
  • The Rental Agreement And Policies: Rental properties with flexible policies and regulations are favorite amongst young couples. Pets and garbage policies are important considerations before signing an agreement.

Conclusion: House-hunting as a young couple is an exciting mission. However, it is highly advisable to do so under the guidance of a well-reputed real-estate agent as he acts like a friend with your best interests in mind.

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