Tips To Attract Long Term Tenants

Finding long-term tenants is one of the top priorities for most landlords. It not only ensures monthly income but also saves them from the hassles of frequently advertizing the home and screening potential applicants. If you are planning to rent your home in Killeen, TX, you must consider following points to ensure that the tenants stay for a longer period of time.

Set Rental Price According To Market Value

The best way to determine your property’s worth is to compare it with similar properties available for rent. For this, you can visit online listing websites that can show you rental prices of alike rental homes.

If you want your tenants to stay for a longer period, make sure that the rental price is neither too high nor too low. Setting a moderate price will attract a larger pool of tenants and make your property stand out in the real estate market.

Make Your Home Presentable

  • Remove Clutter - Get rid of all the unused stuff from your home, empty the wardrobes and closets so that the tenants can have more usable space.
  • Pay Attention To Furniture & Flooring – The furniture as well as the flooring are major deciding factors when it comes to selecting a rental home. Replace old or worn-out furniture, if any. Also, thoroughly clean the floors and carpets.
  • Repair- Check if the property requires any repairs or maintenance work. The faucets, electrical appliances and other fixtures should be in proper working condition.

Be pleasant and communicative

It is important for a landlord to be interactive and approachable for any kind of help. It becomes his duty to make sure that tenants live comfortably in the rental home. When a tenant complains about anything broken or not functioning properly, a landlord should always be available to help.

Let Tenants Decorate The House According To Their Taste

Give your tenants space and right to do modifications in the rental home, as long-term occupants may want to live in that house as their own. Activities like creating a small kitchen garden outside the house or hanging a painting in the drawing room etc. should not be restricted.

Make Your Rental House Pet Friendly

By allowing pets, you will be able to get tenants who would want to stay in your rental home. Not many landlords allow pets and therefore such kind of property is difficult to find. If you are reluctant to do so, you can always add a clause to the rental agreement stating that the tenants will have to pay for professional cleaning of the house when they leave.

Offer Facilities

To make people stay comfortably in your rental home, offering them with additional facilities like fridge, T.V, dishwasher and a washing machine can be a good idea. You can also provide them with a Wi-Fi or a broadband connection.

Be Clear About The Rent Agreement

Make a lease agreement that clearly states the terms and conditions like who is responsible for repairs/ maintenance, duration of tenancy, date to pay the monthly rent, late fees (if any), rules related to eviction etc. These will help to avoid any disputes in the future.

Give incentives

To encourage tenants to renew their apartment lease, it is important and wise to offer incentives like discount in the rent, upgrade the furniture, addition of some flexibilities in the lease agreement etc.

Maintain A Positive Relation With Tenants

Maintaining a healthy relationship with tenants and showing them humble gestures like sending a Christmas greeting or wishing them on their birthdays will make them feel homely and secure. A landlord should take care of the occupant’s needs, listen to them and consider their suggestions for any modifications in the lease agreement. Respecting the privacy of tenants and giving them a prior notice before visiting the home for inspection is also imperative to build a good link.

When the tenants are provided with ample facilities and services, it makes them more reliable as well as helps in building a healthy understanding on both the sides. When a home owner respects privacy and rights of his tenants, he succeeds in retaining good and satisfied occupants for a longer period.

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