The Art of Property Inspections

There are specific times throughout the course of a tenant’s lease that a thorough inspection of your rental property should take place. Not only does this help ensure the integrity of your property, but it also helps identify maintenance issues early on.

Here at REAL Star Property Management we do all the exhausting work for you (we’re a full service property management firm with offices in Killeen and Temple). With our expert team of property managers, we can ensure thorough and prompt property inspections. We are focused on positioning your property to help meet or exceed your target return on investment (ROI).

There are many kinds of property inspections, all essential for positive return on investments, as well as to help ensure long-term value. We implement a series of stress-free inspections for clients, providing detailed repots and invaluable reassurance. Below we’ve compiled our four recommended inspections, highlighting our impeccable approach to making sure your property inspections are headache-free.

Move-in Inspection – This inspection should take place during the first initial move-in.  It must be documented.  We perform detailed move-in inspections, with all the details noted.

Routine Inspections – This inspection is to ensure that the property is up to code as a safe and clean environment.  This inspection should take place every 6 to 12 months. Again, this inspection is documented. Prompt corrections will be made to any significant maintenance issues.

Gaining a Visual – A quick drive up to the property for a through glance can prove very revealing. If issues or violations are observed on the property, the tenant will be notified immediately.

Tenant Departure – The last inspection is when we will take detailed measures to determine the overall condition of the property once the renter is fully moved out.  This inspection will be conducted at the time you receive the keys from the tenant.

ROIs can greatly depend on property care and prompt corrections to maintenance and tenant issues. We stop at nothing to provide ease of mind with value to our clients, providing low fee structures and impeccable care. Whether you own one property or several, we can meet your property management needs.

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