Spruce Up Your Rental Home This Holiday Season

The New Year is round the corner and holidays have just begun. Most people must be planning to revive their homes for the holidays. If you live in a rental home, you may not be able to make major changes in the property. However, you still have enough room for creativity and can make some temporary modifications to transform it into a welcoming as well as comfortable abode.

The idea of a celebratory décor should be to spice up the entire house and not to limit the excitement to a specific area. When planning to prepare your rental home for the festive season, here are some tips that can help you:

Decorate The Walls

Add decorative mirrors and artwork to your walls. If repainting the walls is not feasible, buy patterned wall papers for your living room and bedroom to cover up any spots or stains. Wall hangings and a large sized wall clock can also be added to beautify the home.

Hang New Curtains

Purchase good quality drapery to enhance the look of your property. Opt for neutral colors to let rest of the elements stand out in the room. On the contrary, you can also opt for bright colored curtains to deliver a happy and attractive look to your rental home.

Invest In Area Rugs

Rugs can add definition to any area of the house. You can buy bright, multi colored rugs for the living room whereas shades of gray, cream and yellow can be opted for bedrooms. They can help to cover up the faded or cracked floorboards. If you wish to polish the flooring but lack the time, purchase good quality carpets to cover it entirely.

Buy New Fixtures

Old fixtures can be replaced with new and stylish lightings. Use pendant light above the dining table, floor and table lamps can be placed in the living room as well as on the bedstands. Replace the old wall sconces with modern ones to add a special touch. String lights also do a great job to bring the holiday mood to a house. Hang the lights in the bedrooms, living room and on the windows.

Add Some Greenery

Plants can add life to the house. Buy small pots and place them in the kitchen, drawing room and hallway. If your rental home has a lawn, make sure you mow it and rake the leaves. You can also opt for low maintenance artificial plants.

Let the pillows do the job

Pillows and cushions can be a great way to revitalize old furniture. Buy pop colored and stylish throws for the bedrooms to enhance comfort as well as beauty of the furniture. Warm, furry and bright throws can also be used for the neutral colored sofas as well as lawn chairs.

Accessorize well

Holiday accessories are a good option to set the mood right. Spray paint the pine cones in bright colors; purchase scented candles as well as greeting cards to place them over the mantle. Buy a Christmas tree for the drawing room and decorate it with ornaments as well as lights.

Bring Out Your Holiday Decorations

You can reuse your old holiday decorations to accentuate the exterior as well as interior of the rental home. Use Christmas lights or wreaths for the front yard and the main door.

Vacuum The House Properly

Make sure the house is spick and span before holidays begin. Vacuum the sofas, carpets, blind and drapes properly. Remove the cobwebs and dirt from the fireplace. Wipe down the kitchen counter and dining table to get rid of any stains. If the carpets require a professional clean-up, schedule it much before the festival season.

Get rid of clutter

Install racks in the living room to display books, wine bottles, mementos and other fancy items. Stock up the closets with neatly folded linens and towels. Place baskets in the bathroom to store extra toilet rolls, shampoo bottles and medicines. Install a glass door cabinet in the dining area to store chinaware.

You can go through the above mentioned tips and decorate your rental home to add to the festive feeling.