Rental Walk-Through Checklist

Walk-through inspection of a rental property is done by both the owner and tenant to rule out any damage or alterations to the property. Rental property walk-throughs are the perfect juncture for both tenants and property owners to document the condition of rental unit.
A rental walk-through is done after the property has been cleaned and vacated by any previous resident. While going through the checklist, it is advisable to take photographs, write notes mentioning any damage etc. Rental inspection walk-throughs are very beneficial in preserving the bond between property owners and tenants. They remove any scope of future misunderstandings. Observations made on the basis of a checklist should be validated by signatures of both the owner of property and the tenant. A rental checklist that has been signed by both parties can be very helpful for a party seeking remedial damages.
A walk-through checklist should include the following:
1. The Basics

  • The name of the tenant
  • The tenants address and unit number
  • Tenant’s signature
  • Landlords signature
  • Date of move-in
  • Dates of move-in and move-out inspections
  • The condition of each room at the time of moving in
  • The condition of each room at the time of moving out
  • The condition of exterior areas when moving-in
  • The condition of exterior areas when moving-out
  • The condition of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
2. Specifics
This includes the condition of each room as an individual and unique unit. A fully-furnished rental unit will require a different checklist as compared to an unfurnished one. The same applies to rooms like bedrooms which differ in size and facilities. It is advisable to be as specific as possible while making a walk-through checklist. Let’s take a look at examples of what the checklist for each room should include:
  • When walking through a living room, dining room, hallway and bedroom, your checklist should include the condition of the doors, door locks, walls, windows, window locks, lighting fixtures, heat, air conditioning, floor, outlet covers etc.
  • A kitchen walk-through checklist should include the condition of the walls, cabinets, drawers, sink, counter, plumbing, floor, lighting fixtures, smoke detector, outlet covers, carbon monoxide detector, the refrigerator’s exterior, interior, light and ice maker, the oven, dishwasher etc.
  • The bathroom’s walk-through should include the condition of the walls, ceiling, shower, tub, toilet bowl and seat, vanity, sink, mirror, faucets, door etc.
  • Document the condition of the front porch if any.
  • If there’s a laundry room, note the condition of its washer and dryer.
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