Reasons To Get Home Inspection Done

Owning a property comes with its own set of responsibilities and anxieties. However, property management companies are a boon for helping homeowners in taking care of their properties and managing them in the most efficient manner. Getting a home inspected by a professional, ensures that everything is in order as far as the condition of the house and quality standards are concerned. Deep-rooted issues in the house and potential pitfalls are uncovered early-on and managed accordingly.

The following are some reasons for which home inspections are highly recommended by the experts:

  • Tenant Retention: Getting home inspection done by professional home inspectors ensures the house is in the best condition at all times. Houses that are professionally managed are preferred by the tenants for long-term residence.
  • Compliance With The Terms Of Lease: Home inspections ensure that the tenants are abiding by the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. Inspectors have the authority to conduct drive-by-inspections without any pre-notification. For example, if the lease agreement forbids pets in the premises, inspectors can drive-by at any time to make sure there are no pets in the house. The same applies to keeping a check on illegal activities and unapproved alterations to the property.
  • Maintenance And Repairs: Regular home inspections keep a tab on issues that require repair and maintenance. Minor repair issues, if over-looked, may get magnified and will require more time, energy and money. Home inspections prevent such expenses by making sure that the repair and maintenance of electrical systems, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems and more are done in time.
  • Preserve Property Value: Regular professional inspections help in preserving the condition and value of the property. Failing to do so may result in a rude shock by the condition of your property when a tenant moves out. Regular inspections help in identifying maintenance issues and conducting repair in time, which keeps the property ever-ready for the next prospective tenant.
  • Move-In Inspections: Move-in inspections are conducted and documented by the tenant in the presence of a professional home inspector. This inspection ensures that the tenant has no issues with your property at the time of moving in. So, there are no chances of the tenant coming up with new issues in the future and claiming that these issues existed in the house prior to moving-in.
  • Move-Out Inspections: Move-out inspections are necessary for determining the overall condition of your property when a tenant moves out. The right time to get this inspection done is when the tenant is still on the property and has not yet handed over the house keys. Professional home inspectors can document this on camera to avoid future legal implications.
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