REAL Star Property Management Talks Marketing Strategies

The search for qualified renters can be challenging for any property owner. No matter the amenities, renters are flooded with a variety of options, making a landlord’s job of leasing exhausting. Any unit vacancy is simply revenue lost. High renter retention not only minimizes losses and stress, but better yet, properties will provide a more consistent stream of revenue. We use countless strategies to boost return on investment (ROI), but here are a few effective marketing tips.

Mixed Marketing:
In this digital age, renters are overwhelmed with resources, including social media outlets and websites catering to housing searches. As a property manager, you’ll want to have a presence in everything from online forums to social media sites and even the local newspapers to attract as many renters as possible.

Think visibility! Place premier vacancy signs prominently on your properties’ lawn. A nice, clean sign will draw in the attention of potential renters. And remember, when dealing with a higher volume of potential tenants you can partner with a property management firm to ensure only qualified applicants are considered.

Renter Incentives:
We all love free gifts! Consider a renters incentive. Some common incentives often provided to thrilled first-time tenants include a percentage off the first month or last month rent. Or, for a simpler approach, a welcome basket filled with healthy treats always proves to have a positive impact.

Feeling too busy to think about marketing strategies and all the background checks that should be run? Consider partnering with a property management firm. Marketing your property is about increasing the awareness of your properties vacancy and then communicating the value of that property in a way that appeals to qualified renters.

Employing a property management firm, such as REAL Star Property Management, is key to achieving that goal. REAL Star Property Management provides easy-to-understand, cost-effective fee structure as well as provides comprehensive marketing and leasing strategies, filling vacancies quickly with the right tenants. Whether looking to increase property awareness or to attract interested renters, employing creative strategies is a sure way to increase property awareness in the right markets. We serve Temple, Killeen, and surrounding areas.

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