Property Management Services In Harker Heights, TX

Owning a rental property in Harker Heights, TX can be quite a lucrative proposition, however, it calls for a great deal of effort and responsibilities on the part of the landlord. Marketing the property, finding suitable tenants, handling maintenance issues, collecting rent etc. can be very devastating, particularly if you have other full time accountabilities. Thus, hiring a property management company can be the most viable solution to increasing returns from your rental business.

Here are some of the services provided by a property management company in Harker Heights:

  • Determining Market Value: A property manager carefully analyzes your rental home inside out to make suggestions regarding the necessary repairs or cosmetic uplifts. This will help to make your property more appealing to the prospective tenants, thereby, increasing its market value. They have a good knowledge of the current real estate trends and help you determine a reasonable rent according to your property type, location and amenities offered.
  • Advertizing: Marketing a rental property through the right channels is essential to catch the attention of most tenants. A property manager advertizes your rental home through various MLS listings and newspaper ads. He will highlight the positive features of your property such as location, size, occupancy, parking and storage space as well as other facilities offered.
  • Selecting Tenants: A property management company has a well-defined criterion to screen applicants and make sure you are letting your home to the right people. They are updated with the current federal and local housing laws of Harker Heights so you do not land yourself into any kind of legal trouble. They will conduct a thorough screening to verify the prospective tenant’s income, credit rating, criminal record, rental history etc.
  • Leasing: The property manager will assist you in preparing a lease agreement according to the local, state and federal guidelines. He will make sure that all the necessary details are clearly mentioned and understood by the tenants. These may include the monthly rent amount, move-in and move-out date, due date for rent, penalties for late payment, eviction terms, notice period, maintenance liabilities etc. The property manager will also make sure that all these terms and conditions are followed by the occupants during the tenancy period.
  • Collecting Rent: The property manager will be responsible for collecting timely rent and imposing late fees, on your behalf. He will also submit a complete financial statement stating the expenses incurred on maintenance of the rental property.

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