Property Inspections: What to Note

Even if you live somewhere that certifies and regulates property inspectors, choosing one is often a matter of blind trust. Here at REAL Star Property Management we provide top-of-the-line inspectors to ensure both internal and external examinations are handle with meticulous care. We believe that not only are property inspections vital to maintaining return on investment quotas, but also to the very integrity of your property.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the things we value, showcasing what sets our team apart from all the rest.

Experience is Essential:
We believe that inspectors, even the most experienced ones, are constantly learning new things; so it’s important to us that inspectors have been in business for a long time. All of our hired inspectors do inspections on a regular basis, so you can trust you are getting the expertise needed to conduct a proper internal and external examination of your property. Quite simply, we provide our clients with the best.

Don’t Expect One and Done:
You may need more than one inspection executed in which reliance on an excellent property management team to ensure all property homework is done thoroughly is key. In fact you may need several types of inspections, with the most common being a professional home inspection, followed by a pest inspection to rule out worrisome things like termites. Structural foundation, plumbing, and electrical wiring are all additional things we thoroughly inspect. Safety should be the number one thing all property owners provide to incoming tenants to rule out any potential legal issues. Our team makes sure that all checks and balances are in place for our clients.

Address All Potential Worries:
Our property inspections seek out all possible property concerns and put in timely requests for repairs. We take the stress out of handling inspections and identifying problems, providing clients with the resources and digital tools needed to make property ownership care-free. Leave your property worries with us for complete peace of mind.

Property inspections are a necessity, ensuring stronger returns on investments by keeping your property up to code. Avoid bigger problems down the line with our full-service property management team behind you and your properties. With offices in both Temple TX and Killeen TX, we pride ourselves on pairing peace of mind with impeccable value.
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