Neighborhood Checklist

Neighborhood is an important consideration when looking for a new home as it has a huge impact on your daily life. The definition of a good neighborhood may differ for every demographic. However, there are some factors that are universally sought after when assessing a new neighborhood.

Following is a checklist that may prove helpful in determining whether a neighborhood is the right choice for you or not:

  • Diversity: If the demographics of the area are important to you, it may be helpful to do some online research on the same. Diversity information can include information on the average income of the people in the area, racial diversity, predominant relationship status and average age-group of people residing in that area.
  • Schools: A neighborhood with good schools is indicative of a safe and progressive place. This may be an important point of consideration for renters having kids as well as tenants looking for teaching opportunities.
  • The Community: You should try to interact with people in the area. It is important to visit local shops, parks, coffee shop etc. to meet the locals and have an idea of the prevailing culture. A good neighborhood is characterized by a friendly and helpful local community.
  • Accessibility: Places like shops, eateries, fitness centers, parks, etc. should be at a walkable distance. You should be able to commute from one point to another even if there is no mode of transportation available. Studies suggest that neighborhood walkability is linked to higher home values and also fosters feelings of trust amongst neighbors.
  • Safety And Security: Safety and security are non-negotiable when it comes to looking for a good neighborhood. It is advisable to research on the crime rates in the area and speak to residents. Consider the security measures adopted in the area, along with street traffic, water, air quality etc.
  • Emergency Services: Check how far the nearest hospital, fire department and police station are. Make sure that you would be able to get help at the earliest, in case of an emergency.
  • Overall Feel: Look around and observe factors that depict what the neighborhood feels like at first glance. Observe the greenery around you, type of cars, social interactions, general upkeep of homes and lawns, recreational activities, parking facilities and so on.

A great approach to assess the neighborhood is to visit the home on different days of the week and at different times. This will help you in having a fair idea about the neighborhood before renting the property.

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