Managing Your Real Estate Portfolio with REAL Star Property Management

Access to accurate, easily accessible information and a stellar management team is the crucial foundation needed for strategically managing a real estate portfolio. The larger your property portfolio grows the more time, marketing and overall management it calls for.

But when exactly should you consider hiring a property management firm to mange your growing real estate portfolio needs? Texas-based REAL Star Property Management addresses that inquiry below. Do one or more of these apply to you and your property portfolio?

1. Growth and diversification. Considering purchasing properties in other cities or several states away from your residence? Free up distance limitations with a property management team.

2. Are you in compliance with housing regulations and property laws? There are a multitude of applicable laws to follow when renting and maintaining rental properties, including a multitude of local, state and federal regulations. Avoid headaches and lawsuits with the proper company and team behind you.

3. Owning multiple properties and multiple units. The more real estate you own, chances increase that you would benefit from the services of a property management company, freeing up time and travel expenses.

4. Are you miles away? The location of your property in comparison to your home is crucial. Ensure tenant confidence with prompt management and maintenance.

5. Have a high vacancy rate? Shorter vacancy cycles lead to higher profit returns and retention. Increase renter consistency and decrease lag time between renters on multiple properties.

6. Having multiple properties can mean multiple problems, all at once. Leave the stress of dealing with evictions, rent collection, deposits, complaints, maintenance, inspections and more to the professionals.

Take advantage of investment opportunities in excellent locations by hiring a property management firm who not only provides a straightforward and cost-effective fee structure, but a comprehensive marketing and leasing strategy to insure the right tenants find client properties. In addition REAL Star property management provides clients with the digital tools necessary for property owners to sit back and simply let our impeccable team take the reigns to maximize profit outcomes. Consider investing in a property management company and leave all worries at your properties doorstep. We have offices in both Temple and Killeen.

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