Increasing Property Value through Remodels

When deciding to give your place a facelift, many things should be considered. Increases in values from improvements can vary greatly. For example, if you decide to install a more efficient air conditioning unit, that will result in decreased energy bills, which is a notable value due to being able to highlight a more efficient home and lower utility bills. Cosmetic changes on the other hand may not give a ROI at all and becomes a matter of personal taste. So how can we significantly increase property value with small updates and remodels? Explore our low-cost ways to promptly spruce up the value of your property.

Raking in the Green:
Don’t make a tenant cut through a jungle of vines or pull a bunch of weeds. Overgrown yards are not inviting and bring to question whether or not the property has been truly cared for properly. A lawn service will allow the sun to come shining through once more. Your curb appeal is important to us; we consult on all properties to shine units to perfection and provide greater ROIs.

Clean Machine:
Even germ-a-phoebes can miss a spot. You may miss or overlook corners you clean daily. Let us get our cleaning staff to buff up the place and make your property feel sparkly clean.

Energy-Efficient Appliances:
Explore the impressive selection of energy-saving appliances at any local hardware or home store. A great update to consider is adding an effecient and water-saving dishwater. When we are able to highlight things like energy efficient appliances, it makes gaining a qualified renter that much easier.

Update the Bathroom:
Should you get the itch to update at least one room in your house, go for the bathroom. Even small changes such as replacing the lighting fixtures and faucet handles can add valuable appeal.

Whether getting inspired by the latest home and gardening show or feeling business savvy, updating your home can be a great investment. We believe educated choices will provide the best ROI, which is why REAL Star Property Management clients are provided elite resources and invaluable coaching. With low-cost fee structures, we partner value with ease of mind.

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