Increasing Property Value: Small Improvements Lead to Bigger Returns

Improving your property value can feel like a daunting task but here at REAL Star Property Management we know that just a few simple improvements can often have a huge impact on your property’s overall worth. Small investments, such as replacing outdated appliances, can go a long way towards attracting qualified renters for your property. Our team of experts knows just how important it is to make a unit feel both attractive and appealing to potential tenants in search of a new home.

Feeling overwhelmed and on a budget? Explore our three budget conscious tips for increasing your property’s value below.

1. Furniture:
Head on over to places like Ikea, Marshalls or TJMaxx. Improving a property starts with utilizing space. Have a bonus room? Turn it into a bedroom using cost-efficient furniture. Turning a three-bedroom home into a four-bedroom home increases your property’s value tremendously. Visit local furniture outlets and flip that spare room into an addition space for someone to rest their head.

2. Curb Appeal:
From a well-maintained yard to a fresh coat of paint on that long neglected fence, our team comes prepared to help our clients identify value potential in even the most tired of properties. Increases in rent and faster occupancy are just some of the benefits we’ve achieved for our clients through suggested improvements.

3. Identify All Problems:
From deteriorating roofs to termite infestation or outdated electrical systems, our team has seen and dealt with it all. Internal and external home inspections are essential to identifying small problems than can lead to catastrophic ones. Our experienced team of property inspectors helps all of our clients discover hidden problem areas that maybe negatively impacting a property’s value. And better yet improvements to things like your property’s air-conditioning system can lead to energy cost savings.

The actual cost and value increase from each project can vary, depending on things like your home's condition and surrounding neighborhood. Enjoy the benefits of having an industry-leading group of property experts behind you. REAL Star Property Management clients enjoy the resources and digital tools we provide to not only increase their property’s value but to gain a greater return on investment.

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