Do's and Don’ts Of Moving Out

Moving out can be turned into a fun project if done smartly. There are certain things to keep in mind while moving out to make the process smoother. The most important factor to look into is the condition of the house. It is imperative that you leave it in the exact condition that it was in when you moved in. Other than that, here are some do’s and don’ts that ensure your property owner has no issues when you leave.

  • Give A Notice: Before moving out, always go through the lease agreement and serve the notice well in advance as per your property owner’s expectation. Some might deem a 30 day notice whereas others require you to serve a 60 day notice. Provide a written and dated notice to your property owner. Let them know when you intend to leave.
  • Thorough Cleaning: Make it a point to clean the rental apartment thoroughly before leaving. If you cannot do so by yourself, consider hiring a professional cleaner for the same. Get the floors scrubbed, clean the sinks & shower and also empty drawers as well as cabinets completely.
  • Necessary Repairs: A good tenant ensures that they fix anything which was damaged/altered due to their negligence. This could be anything small like a hole in the wall or something like a broken window or appliance. All repairs should be in tandem with the lease.
  • Documentation: Documenting the condition of the rental before leaving is crucial in order to avoid disputes. The documentation acts as proof of how you left the premise.
  • Sublet Without Permission: Consider subletting only if your lease mentions that you can do so. If you can sublet as per the lease, do so only if you trust the person. The person should be one who will pay you on time. Some property owners demand a security deposit from the new renter and might require them to sign on an entirely new lease.
  • Severe Ties: Never leave on a bad note. Clear all your dues and fulfil all the requirements of moving out stated in the lease agreement. Sneaking out without fulfilling your responsibilities can be considered illegal in some cases. It might also affect your credibility for future rentals.
  • Do Not Delay The Move: Being on time at every step of your move is crucial to ensure that the process is smooth for all the parties. By planning things well in advance, you can help property owner to have enough time to get the house ready for the next tenant.
  • Leave Utilities Continued: In the elaborate process of moving out, a common mistake made by tenants is forgetting to get the utilities discontinued. Call each service provider well in advance and inform them to discontinue the services after a specific date. Make sure that this critical step is on your to-do list, so that you do not continue receiving bills for utilities that you are no longer using.

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