Can a Property Manager Really Make a Difference?

Why should I hire a property manager when I own just one property that I’m pretty much capable of managing on my own? That is the usual question that we expect from people who are making their first attempts at renting out their newly owned property.

A property manager is not someone who would just entertain emergency repair requests, or would collect rent on your behalf. In fact, hiring a property manager can mean cordial tenant-owner relationships, timely receipt of rent, risk coverage, time saving, effort saving, and above all, peace of mind. Here are just some of the advantages that you can avail by hiring a property manager:

End-to-end task management
Having managed a number of rental properties, we have gained experience and expertise that can help you get the best out of your property. Those who are renting out their property for the first time may find it really hard to get the things in place. From finding the right tenants, to signing rent deeds, the whole process involves a steep learning curve, which the novices may find hard to master.

A property manager can make things quite simple by offering answers to your most common questions such as: How and where should I post advertisements to find tenants? How can I get background checks, and credit reports of potential tenants? How can I draft a legal rent deed that will hold in court? How much deposit can I collect from the tenant? What facilities do I need to provide to the tenant?

Staying abreast with legislative changes
You might have understood your legal obligations when you rent out a property to a tenant, but these obligations may change over a period of time. The legislations in United States may change as quickly as six months. Property managers stay abreast with latest changes in legislation. They can keep you informed of even the tiniest legislative changes that can have a bearing on your contract or owner-tenant relationship.

Handling emergency situations
Imagine your tenant calling you during your office hours complaining of a broken kitchen shelf. How would you look for a handyman while sitting in office? Worse still, serious property damage in case of a natural disaster or a similar situation can be quite expensive, and may need immediate repair. The property managers have the cash reserves to undertake such repair and maintenance activities. They also have network and associations that can help them get the right kind of contractors for the job.

Peace of mind
The most important thing that you gain by hiring the services of a property manager is peace of mind. You keep getting a steady flow of income from your rental property, and hassles are taken care of by the property manager.

If you are finding it hard to manage or maintain your rental property, then pick up your phone and get in touch with experts at REAL Star Property Management. Leave all the hassles of property management with us, and spend your time and effort on better things in life.

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