Attracting the Right Tenants for your Property

With the economy still trying to stabilize, many homeowners have decided that the time is right to rent out their properties rather than sell, but these instant landlords often have no idea about the amount of energy a rental property can entail. Over at REAL Star Property Management we utilize our expertise to ease stress and produce unbeatable returns on investment (ROI).

Often times a ROI can be dependent on a number of meticulous efforts by the leaser as property management takes a lot of work. By employing a property management firm you can instantly gain access to invaluable knowledge, such as how to attract the right tenant for your property.

Below explore our top three things we believe every property owner should know when trying to secure potential tenants.

The Law:

Understand your rights as a landlord. You are now under landlord laws at both the federal and state levels. Familiarize yourself with the Fair Housing Act. We advise our clients on specifies, such as rights regarding the rejection of a renter based on their credit history. We take the stress out of renting out one or several units, handling everything from internal and external property inspections to background checks for our clients.

Marketing Tactics:
Advertise the right way and with the right team behind you. Increasing your properties vacancy awareness involves a number of factors. From digital marketing strategies to buzz campaigns, we increase property awareness, reduce turnover and increase ROIs by impeccably forming customized marketing tactics for every property.

Don’t Slow Down:
Until the deposit check clears the tenants banking institution, we don’t recommend stopping showings for the property. A signed lease and cleared deposit should be the only factor when deciding to stop any additional showings or marketing efforts. Check out our available financial tools to seamlessly manage your property accounts, available to all clients.

Finding great tenants can often be about finding a great team to stand behind you. Here at REAL Star Property Management we free up time and provide invaluable access to the right resources to properly conquer finding the right tenant for your property. With access to financials online, 24/7, in real time, we leave no stone unturned to provide ease of mine with low cost fee structures.

Stop by our Temple or Killeen office to meet us personally, or you can always call REAL Star at 254-935-2392