Ways To Spruce Up Your Rental Space

There are a number of cost-effective ways to revamp a rental place and add a personal touch to it. The  rental space can be spruced up to reflect a tenant’s personal style. This increases the personal value of the property for the tenant. However, it is important to keep in mind that the changes should be limited to the guidelines stated in the lease agreement.

Listed below are some ideas for refurbishing and personalizing rental space without infringing the conditions mentioned in the lease agreement:

  • Lighting: Lighting options are a quick and smart way of dramatically changing the look of a rental space. Invest in portable lights such as floor lamps, table lamps, string lights, led strips, pendant bulbs, wall sconces, etc. for creating a beautiful look.
  • Walls: You can use removable wallpapers, decals and other temporary options on the walls to suit your liking and transform the space. You can also hang frameless pieces of art or use picture rails to display pictures you love without making drills in the wall.
  • Rugs And Throw Pillows: Area rugs and throw pillows are great for transforming any space instantly. They can be used as accent items of decor, for convenience or for adding texture to a room.
  • Window Treatments: Install window treatments of your choice as per your budget. Bamboo blinds are an evergreen option for almost any set-up. They are easy to maintain, affordable and look attractive.
  • Bathroom Hacks: You can revamp a rental bathroom easily by swapping existing showerheads, faucets, toilet paper holders, etc. with new ones.
  • Fixtures: Consider changing doorknobs and drawer pulls for instantly perking up your space. When moving out you can take them along and replace the original fixtures.
  • Planters And Plants: Use attractive planters around the rental to display seasonal or evergreen plants. Plants infuse a sense of fresh energy in a space and also look attractive. You can also consider artificial plants if you do not have time to maintain real ones. Apart from plants, you can use other elements of nature such as dried grasses, sculptural stones, etc.
  • Storage Bins: Invest in colorful bins to add storage options and make a room look vibrant. Such bins can be used for under-bed storage, on shelves, tables or simply placed on an area rug.
  • Flooring:  Snap flooring can transform the look of your rental easily without the need for a gut renovation. Even though the flooring can be easily peeled off when shifting, it is better to ask the property owner before installing it.
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