Property Management Tips: Beginner’s Guide To Maintenance Requests

Maintenance is a crucial part of owning property, as it helps to preserve the quality of property to increase its lifespan and value. To be effective in maintaining property, a property owner should be efficient at responding to maintenance requests by simplifying and streamlining the process for the tenants.

Listed below are some tips to help you in handling maintenance requests proficiently:

  • Online Request Form: Make it easier to communicate a request for maintenance by offering tenants an online platform for submitting requests. Managing requests online makes it easier to upload pictures, communicating, keeping an update of progress in repairs, tracking expenses, etc. The format of the request form should be helpful in projecting details and specifics of the issue.
  • Plan: Planning in advance helps in tackling maintenance issues quickly and effectively. Establish a plan regarding communication of maintenance requests with your property manager.
  • Budget: A general thumb rule is to keep aside some percentage of the purchase value of the property for its annual maintenance. However, this is subject to conditions such as the age and location of your property, weather conditions, etc.
  • Know the Law: Educate yourself on legal rules in your state regarding necessary repairs and maintenance. Find out your responsibilities as a property owner towards issues related to water supply, electricity, weatherproofing, sanitary conditions, heating, etc.
  • Communicate: Establish a convenient and fast way of communicating regular maintenance and emergency requests. Clearly state conditions that will be considered as emergencies to avoid disagreements in future. Usually, issues such as leaky roofs, plumbing problems, electric issues, heating, cooling, etc. fall under the category of emergencies.
  • Prioritize: Categorize maintenance requests as per their level of priority i.e. low, medium and high priority. Handle high priority issues on the same day, medium priority issues within 48 hours and low priority ones within a week.
  • Hire a Professional: Maintenance tasks require skill and expertise, hire a professional as this will save time, money and energy. Communicate with your tenant about your agreement with the property managers and give a time estimate for the same.
  • Follow-Up: On completing a repair task, conduct a follow-up after a few days to check whether the tenants are satisfied with the services. This reassures your tenants that you care about their comfort, security and well-being.
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