Points To Consider For Effective Property Management

In terms of return generation, real estate poses as a lucrative investment option. However, the extent of profit is highly dependent upon effective property management. This makes it highly imperative for property owners to consider different points for ensuring effective property management.

Following are some points to consider for effective property management:

1. Strategic Marketing Of The Property: A well-established marketing strategy is critical for attracting quality tenants. The key is to keep in mind the property type and formulate a customized strategy accordingly. A few aspects that need to be considered are:

  • Who are the target tenants?
  • Which marketing platforms are suitable for reaching target tenants?
  • What are the advertizing costs associated with different platforms?
  • Do you have quality photographs of the property?
  • Is the rent appropriate?
2. Attracting Quality Tenants: Finding right tenants is imperative for ensuring long term tenancy and regular cash flow from the rental. So, it is important to undertake rigorous tenant screening for facilitating decision making process and minimizing risk to the investment. Following are points to be considered for tenant screening:
  • What are the selection criteria?
  • Do you have an effective process for document collection from prospective tenants?
  • Do you have a comprehensive tenancy agreement?
  • How will you manage appointments for property viewing?
3. Maintenance & Repairs: As the property owner, you will be required to take out time for managing repairs & maintenance requests on a priority basis. Ask yourself if you have the required time and practical skill set. Ask yourself:
  • Who will look after the property on a daily basis?
  • Do you have a maintenance plan?
  • Do you have a network of trusted contractors?
  • How will you respond to emergency requests?
4. Issue Resolution & Legal Compliance: When owning a rental property, it is common that some issues may arise with the tenants. Also, the rental investment properties are regulated by set rules and laws. So, it is important to ask yourself:
  • Do you have a policy to tackle situations such as contract breach by the tenant?
  • Do you in-depth knowledge of laws and rules?
5. Financial Matters: Careful financial management is important for ensuring positive return on investment. Points to consider are:
  • Do you have a rent collection system?
  • How will you manage rental arrears?
  • How will you manage expenses and bills associated with the property?
A simple answer to all the questions is to hire a professional property management agency for effective property management.

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