Must-Have Amenities In Millennial Rentals

Millennials account for a major percentage of prospective renters. This could be because of the convenience of staying in a rental in terms of affordability, amenities (desirable features/facilities), and flexibility. Valuable and affordable amenities are one of the most important considerations for millennials, when they look for a house on rent.

Property owners, who are interested in renting out their property to millennials, can consider following amenities to attract them:

  • Affordability: An affordable rental is on the priority list of most millennials, as they have other expenses related to their studies, saving for everyday expenditure, etc. Offering them a variety of modern amenities at an affordable rental price is an attractive offer they cannot resist.
  • Ideal Location: Millennials prefer to stay at a place that is close to their workplace, a shopping center, entertainment center, has affordable parking, transportation routes, etc.
  • Fitness Areas: Fitness is a rage amongst most millennials; this calls for a well-stocked fitness area in the rental building. A facility like an onsite gym at a cost lower than that of a commercial gym will surely attract more millennials as tenants.
  • Recreational Areas: Consider offering a recreational area to the millennial tenants for entertaining their guests. Offer them amenities like a rooftop terrace/garden or a clubhouse where they can watch movies, have pool parties, and indulge in other fun activities.
  • Favorable Pet Policies: A number of millennials own pets and treat them like family-members deserving of comfortable space in a rental. Property owners can offer pet-friendly policies and amenities for pets such as non-carpeted floors, creating a green patch for walking them and providing helpful information such as contact numbers of pet daycare centers, vets and emergency numbers. This will help in making the rental a preferred choice among millennials with pets.
  • Ecological Friendliness: Bring about some eco-friendly upgrades to the rental for the environmentally conscious renter. Use solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, sustainable doors and windows, recycling bins, a community composting garden, etc.
  • Online Communication: Make everything internet friendly for the millennial tenants as this is a top priority for them. Incorporate features such as online payment for sending and receiving money via apps like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, online maintenance requests portal, etc.
  • Extras: In addition to the above-mentioned amenities consider offering an in-unit washer and dryer, ample storage, a reliable Wi-Fi system, concierge services, co-working spaces, car washes, drop off zones for dry cleaning, shoe repair services, a library, bike storage, etc.
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