How To Tenant Proof Your Rental

Tenant proofing a rental is a great way to minimize damage & keep your property well-maintained for longer period of time. It saves money in the long run as such property requires fewer repairs and less maintenance.

Listed below are some simple and budget-friendly ways of tenant-proofing a rental property:

  • An Upkeep Agreement: Emphasize on everything you expect from your tenants in terms of the upkeep of property in the lease agreement. The details related to upkeep should include things like proper conduct, trash handling, landscape maintenance, pet policies, internal and external maintenance and so on.
  • Durable Flooring: Invest in durable flooring such as vinyl flooring for your rental as it can withstand heavy usage. If you want to use carpets, choose darker ones as they are capable of concealing dirt and stains. If the floor requires special care, e.g. hardwood floors, be sure to let your tenants know.
  • A Low Maintenance Yard: Keep your yard simple so that it does not require a lot of maintenance. Opt for low maintenance shrubs, grass or perennial plants to make your yard look beautiful and well-kept.
  • High-Quality Materials: Use high quality materials in bathrooms and kitchens as they will last longer and require fewer repairs. Kitchen counters, bathroom vanities and cabinets that are made of durable material not only look appealing but are strong enough to bear the grind of daily usage by different tenants.
  • Glossy Paint: Use glossy paint on the walls of your rental as it is resistant to stains and chipping. Glossy paint can last for a long time without the need for repaint or touch-ups. It is also easy to wipe off handprints, scuff marks and any other unsightly marks from walls with glossy paint.
  • Door Stoppers And Wall Bumpers: Protect the walls behind doors by fixing stoppers or wall bumpers behind them. They prevent the formation of doorknob shaped holes on walls behind doors and even prevent damage to a door if swung open forcefully.
  • Stop Water Leakage: Ensure all water outlets and inlets are sealed properly and there is no leakage. Even check the guttering of the rental to look for signs of leakage. If left uncontrolled, water leakage may cause severe destruction to a house.
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