Do's & Don'ts Of A Rental Application

The main purpose of a rental application is to assess a prospective tenant on the basis of personal information, employment, income, references, residence history and more. There is no standardized rental application available for property owners but there are ways with which the same can be prepared as per the Federal guidelines.


  • Ask For Personal Information: A rental application should include queries regarding personal information that will impact the agreement. For example, it should include columns that require a potential client to mention his full name, contact information, etc.
  • Know The Residency History: It is important to include an inquiry about residential history e.g. previous addresses, contact details of previous property owners and more.
  • Applicant’s Financial Capability: To get an idea about how much money an applicant makes and whether he can afford to pay the rent consistently, the applicant should be asked for financial information such as employer information, details about income, etc.
  • References: A lot can be learnt about an applicant from references mentioned in a rental application provided they are genuine.
  • Reason For Moving: Inquire about the applicant’s reasons for moving from the previous rental accommodation. This information throws light on the character of the person and the kind of behavior a property owner can expect in future.
  • Inquiry About Pets: The application should include a query about the applicant’s history as a pet owner.
  • Comply With State Laws and Rental Application Requirements: When creating a rental application form, the property owner should be aware of special laws related to the rental application process in the state. Every state requires certain mandates to be followed during the rental application process.


A rental application should not ask for information pertaining to things that have the potential of sounding discriminatory or offending. Examples of information to avoid in applications are details about one’s birthplace, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, children, color, national origin, family status and more. Every applicant should be treated in the same regard irrespective of any differences.

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