Commonly Asked Property Management Questions

Are you looking for a reliable property manager to overlook the care and maintenance of your rental property? If yes, there must be lots of questions in your mind about the role and responsibilities of a property manager and how to make the best choice of a property management company.

Listed below are some common questions about property managers that may help you when choosing one:

  • What Kind of Services are Offered? You have the right to ask a property manager what his role as a property manager consists of and which services are offered. A property manager should be able to provide services related to solving tenant issues, collecting rent, conducting inspections, communicating with the property owner and maintaining the property.
  • How are Repairs and Maintenance Jobs Handled? A property manager hires licensed contractors to manage the property’s repairs and maintenance. Ask the property manager about his experience in the field; it is best to choose one with at least more than 4 years of experience.
  • How Many Properties are the Property Manager Handling? This question will help you gauge how well the property manager is doing. Very few units can signal inexperience while too many carry the risk of inefficiency and delays. Also ask about the number of staff members to get an idea of the quality of service you may expect.
  • What types of Properties are Managed? Every type of property requires a specific skill set so make sure the company is experienced at handling diverse types of properties. For example, REAL Star Property Management, LLC offers high-quality property management services for a wide range of rental properties that include townhomes, multi-family homes, condos, etc.
  • How to Communicate with a Property Manager? Anyone looking for a property manager will be concerned about the mode of communication between the two parties. For effective management, it is important to have a seamless communication experience. Choose a property management company that prioritizes communication and provides 24/7 online access to financial statements.
  • Can you Get Some References for the Company? You can also ask the property management company to supply some references from previous clients, contractors, etc. Client testimonials are another good source of information on the quality of services offered and an indicator of the company’s future performance.
  • Other Questions: Other questions that you may ask are regarding how much control you can have over the lease agreement, how often you will get an update on your portfolio, rate of lease renewal, methods used for marketing properties, fees charged, process of screening prospective tenants, etc.
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