Amenities Offered By Rental Properties In Killeen

The amenities offered in a rental property help in distinguishing quality rentals from the rest. When looking for rental properties, either you can check for the amenities mentioned in the online listings or you can also call the rental agency to ask for facilities provided. This will also give you an idea of how they tackle inquiries and what to expect if associated with them in future.

Listed below are some of the amenities offered by quality rental properties in Killeen:

  • Appliances: Rental properties are stocked with the latest appliances that consist of energy-saving features. These consist of modern kitchen appliances such as dishwasher, microwave, oven, fridge, stainless steel stove, granite counters, etc. Appliances like dishwashers save time and are also energy efficient i.e. they consume less water per cycle. Most rentals also offer in-unit washers and dryers which provide the convenience of managing your laundry needs without stepping out of your rental.
  • Central Air Conditioning & Heating: Modern rentals in Killeen offer air-conditioning and heating systems that are up to date and well-maintained. A team of experts is appointed to check on their working from time to time and ensure their uninterrupted working. A robust air conditioning and heating system ensures comfort throughout the year and high efficiency levels.
  • Outdoor Amenities: The outdoor areas of the rentals are well-maintained and appealing to look at. Privacy fences are offered for safety and privacy. Other outdoor amenities offered include patios, storage sheds, sprinkler systems, secure parking, garage, etc.
  • Other Amenities: The rentals have variable number of bedrooms as per the requirements of tenants. They also offer attached bathrooms, garden tubs, carpets, fireplace, pet facilities, vinyl plank, and more.
REAL Star Property Management, LLC offers a range of rental properties in Killeen, TX. The company enlists the available rental properties online with necessary details such as area, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, and amenities offered. Tenants can enjoy modern amenities such as energy saving system, heating and cooling systems, fireplaces, fenced yard, etc. For more details on amenities offered by rental properties in Killeen, visit 3901 E Stan Schlueter Lp, Ste 100, Killeen, TX – 76542. You can also call at (254) 693 – 7850.