What Every First-Time Renter Needs To Know

Renting your first home can be a challenging and exciting task because you want to have a space that is in accordance with your taste and lifestyle. However, it is best to know what to expect when going through the home-renting process so that you don’t have any unwanted surprises in the future.

Below is a list of certain things that every first-time renter needs to know:

  • Know your budget well: It is important to know how much you can afford even before you start to look for a rental property. You will also be required to pay a security deposit to the landlord at the time of renting a home. Therefore, apart from the monthly rental, you also need to keep this expense in mind. It is generally refundable but the landlord can deduct money if you vacate before the time specified in the rental deal or cause any damage to the property.
  • Read the lease document carefully: Before moving into the rental property, your landlord will ask you to sign a rental deal. It is imperative to read the deal carefully so that you understand all the points well. In case you don’t understand any clause or disagree with something, it is best to clear the doubts with your landlord beforehand.
  • Scrutinize the property: The first day that you move into your rental property, walk through the whole space with your landlord. Check everything right from door locks to lighting and appliances. If you notice any untidiness or things that require repair, immediately inform your landlord.
  • Confirm about pet policies: Don’t rent a property before you know the exact pet policies. Discuss each and every query related to keeping pets with your landlord and get a written permission before taking your pet inside the rental property. Do not flout pet rules as you may end up paying a heavy fine and also lose your security deposit.
  • Know the level of security: Inquire about the crime rate in the area where you are going to rent your new home. Learn if there have been any recent break-ins and make sure all the doors and windows in your rental home have fully functional locks. Other safety elements in the home may include: surveillance cameras, fire alarms, smoke detectors etc. Only after getting satisfactory answers regarding the security, should you sign the rental agreement.
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