Ways To Prepare Your Killeen Home For Rent

A well-managed rental home leaves a good first impression and also lets prospective tenants consider your home over other properties available in the city. Therefore, it is important for the landlord to carry out certain improvements tasks before listing the property for rent. It will not only help in achieving a faster occupancy but also increase your rental income.

You can adopt some simple measures to prepare your home to be rented:

  • Keep it clean: Every area, be it the outdoor lawn or the attic, must be thoroughly cleaned and made clutter free. Carpets must be washed or dry-cleaned. Kitchen and bathrooms must also be checked for grime and dirt.
  • Depersonalize the space: It helps if the landlord removes his personal photographs, memorabilia and other stuff from the house before the showings. A house occupied with such items may turn away tenants.
  • Repaint walls: A simple way to give the house a fresh and clean look is to paint the walls in neutral colors. It can enhance the visual appeal of the house and make it look more spacious.
  • Get repairs done: Check for all leakages and damages that may require attention. All the taps, flooring, wallpapers and garden area must be thoroughly inspected as they usually wear off with time. They should be repaired before a prospective tenant visits your place.
  • Check appliances: If you are handing over a furnished house, make sure the electronic appliances are in optimal condition. This leaves a good impression on the tenants and also sets a precedent on how you maintain everything in your property.
  • Make it safe: A good way to reassure tenants is to make your property absolutely safe. The doors and windows should have strong locks and dead bolts. The security systems should be well functioning. Also check the smoke detectors and fire alarms before you open your home for showings. You can invest in outdoor lighting to increase the security of your home.
  • Insist on a contract: It can be an added advantage if the landlord has done the initial homework such as preparing the rental agreement beforehand. It should contain all the important terms and conditions that need to be followed by both parties during the tenancy period. This helps the tenant to make his mind faster and avoid any hassles in the long run.

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