Tenant Screening: Questions To Ask

Before choosing a tenant for your rental home in Killeen, TX, it is important to interview each prospective tenant and conduct comprehensive screening. It helps you to choose the most suitable tenant and also ensures that your property will be looked after well. A screening includes a complete check on tenant background, his criminal record, credit history and various other factors. It also helps to break the ice between the two parties and strengthen their relationship.

Here are some questions that you need to ask your prospective tenants:

Why are you moving?

This query must be put forth in the initial call/meeting itself. The reason could range from a job change to relocation to the city. It has to be a genuine reason to move from their existing place of residence. Make sure they are not moving due to an eviction or strained relationships with the previous tenant.

When would you like to move?

Unless you are aware of the exact move in date, you cannot prepare the rental home well for the tenants. While you may want them to move as early as possible, you must also be careful for tenants who are in an unnecessary rush.

Do you have pets?

It is important to ask the tenant if they have a pet. If your home is not pet friendly, you must inform them right away. If you allow pets in the rental home, provide them the necessary instructions regarding the type and size of pet allowed. Also, let them know about the responsibilities for pet behavior and upkeep.

What is your income?

You must not hesitate to ask about the financial condition of your potential tenants. This helps to ascertain that your monthly rent will be paid on time. Make sure that their monthly income is at least three times the rent amount. Also check if they have a steady source of income. A copy of their bank statement may be requested as a proof of income.

Do you have references?

You must ask for at least 2-3 references to verify the tenants’ background. These could be employers, previous landlords or neighbors of the tenants. If they do not provide credible references, they should be able to provide a genuine reason for the same.

You must not hesitate to turn down offers if the tenants fail to answer any question up to your satisfaction.

If you are planning to rent your home in Killeen, TX, consider REAL Star Property Management, LLC. We will thoroughly screen all the applicants to find a suitable tenant for your rental home. For more information, you can call us at (254) 693 – 7850 or visit 3901 E Stan Schlueter Lp, Ste 100, Killeen, TX 76542.