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Reasons To Get Home Inspection Done

Owning a property comes with its own set of responsibilities and anxieties. However, property management companies are a boon for helping homeowners in taking care of their properties and managing them in the most efficient manner. Getting a home inspected by a professional, ensures that everything is in order as far as the condition of Read More ➝

Renters Guide to Caring for Your Property Rental – Part 2

Managing your rental property can be a challenging task if you are a first-time renter or even a returning one who is well aware of the everyday maintenance needed. The web is filled to the brim with nightmare tales of property renters attempting do-it-yourself fixes rather than calling property management. Don’t risk legalities or your Read More ➝

Choosing the Right Property Management Team in Killeen, TX

After officially opening our REAL Star Property Management doors to Killeen, Texas, our team has been thrilled to fulfill the surrounding areas property management needs through comprehensive, prompt and reliable services. With many options and often times a confusion on which property management team will best ensure a return on investment and handle your unit Read More ➝

Pre-screening: What Makes an Applicant a Great Potential Renter

Managing a property on one’s own can often be a challenging task, but never more prevalent is that fact then when screening potential tenants. The web is filled to the brim with nightmare tales of property owners acquiring less than stellar renters for units, but how does one combat this? Our clients here at REAL Read More ➝

Property Inspections: What to Note

Even if you live somewhere that certifies and regulates property inspectors, choosing one is often a matter of blind trust. Here at REAL Star Property Management we provide top-of-the-line inspectors to ensure both internal and external examinations are handle with meticulous care. We believe that not only are property inspections vital to maintaining return on Read More ➝

Increasing Property Value: Small Improvements Lead to Bigger Returns

Improving your property value can feel like a daunting task but here at REAL Star Property Management we know that just a few simple improvements can often have a huge impact on your property’s overall worth. Small investments, such as replacing outdated appliances, can go a long way towards attracting qualified renters for your property. Read More ➝

Increasing Property Value through Remodels

When deciding to give your place a facelift, many things should be considered. Increases in values from improvements can vary greatly. For example, if you decide to install a more efficient air conditioning unit, that will result in decreased energy bills, which is a notable value due to being able to highlight a more efficient Read More ➝

The Art of Property Inspections

There are specific times throughout the course of a tenant’s lease that a thorough inspection of your rental property should take place. Not only does this help ensure the integrity of your property, but it also helps identify maintenance issues early on. Here at REAL Star Property Management we do all the exhausting work for you Read More ➝

REAL Star Property Management Launches New Web Site

Full service property management company REAL Star Property Management is pleased to reveal its newly revamped Web site! With property management services in Central Texas, including the areas of Temple, Belton, Killeen, Troy, Salado, Georgetown and Round Rock, REAL Star Property Management aims to provide both real estate owners and tenants with the highest quality Read More ➝