Spring is Here: Get Your Rental Home Ready

The spring season is a potentially lucrative period to rent out your home. As more people look for well-maintained rental houses during this period, it becomes imperative for landlords to prepare their properties to attract maximum applicants. Upgrading the interiors and exteriors as well as repairing the damages can make the house look flawless in the eyes of potential tenants. It is also important to address the issues that the winters may have caused to the property and ensure that it meets the current market demands.
The following methods will help you to prepare your rental home for the upcoming spring season:

  • Declutter – Cleanliness is the first thing that impresses a potential tenant. When they come to view your house, make sure that the closets are empty and no wooden logs are haphazardly placed in the backyard. You must get rid of all the unwanted stuff from your property so that the potential tenants can have an idea of the functional space.
  • Landscaping – Make sure that your garden looks attractive and compliments the property. You can consider planting some of flowers in your lawn, edges of the drive way, sidewalks and at the entrance. In order to enhance the lawn’s appearance, you must also –
    Trim the overgrown plants and bushes
    Add small furniture items such as bench and picnic tables to showcase it as usable space
    Clean the water feature (if installed)
    Mulch and weed the garden
  • Repaint the property – To give your home a new and fresh look, paint it with neutral colors. This will give potential tenants a sense of more space and allows them imagine the usability of the area.
    Freshen up the fixtures and hardware – While you prepare your home for the rental market, you must ensure that all the appliances you are offering with your property are in a working condition. For this, you must –
    Test and clean the ceiling fans – Make sure that the fans efficiently air out the house and their regulators work properly.
  • Replace AC filters – To optimize the energy efficiency and life of your air conditioners, it is advised to replace their filters.
    You must confirm that the home has no leaky faucets, jammed doors or sewerage issues.
    Weather-strip the doors and windows – If you want to increase the value of your property, consider weather-stripping your doors and windows. The insulation allows the cool air to stay inside, which helps the AC and other appliances to work efficiently and lower the electricity bill.
  • Eliminate the odors – Your home may acquire a bad odor because of your pet, dirty carpets or dampness caused in winters. In order to get rid of it, you can apply room fresheners or get your home cleaned by the professionals. Using certain home remedies, such as putting half cut lemons near the sink or cleaning the furniture using orange oil can also be helpful.
    In order to eliminate the odor from your carpets, you may hire professionals or use effective cleaning agents.
  • Stage the interiors – Open up the windows so that the potential tenants can see the amount of natural light entering the house. You may consider installing light weight curtains in the rooms to give a summer look.
  • Minor repairs – Even if your home is perfectly clean, well-lit and beautifully staged, the potential tenants may notice even a little whole in the wall or an improper moving door knob. Therefore, it is important that while taking care of all the major issues, you do not neglect the minor ones that may influence the decision of prospective tenants.

The above mentioned points will help your property to stand out among the rest and attract maximum potential tenants.

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