Questions To Ask Your Potential Tenants

Asking tenants relevant questions can help in screening the best from the lot within the least amount of time. Although it is important to make sure that the type of questions you ask should not violate the Fair Housing Act. Here is a list of some relevant questions to ask a prospective tenant

      What Is The Reason For The Move?
      Ask the candidate why he/she decided to make a move and reasons for choosing the specific location. By asking this question, you can figure out if the tenant has legitimate reasons to move.
      What Is Your Monthly Income?
      This will help you determine whether the tenant will be capable of paying the rent. You can check their credit score to gain more insight over their financial position. Also you can inquire about debts if any to assess the ability to pay the rent on time.
      How Many People Will Be Living With You?
      Lesser the number of people, better it is. This is an important consideration because it helps in keeping your rental property in a good condition for a longer period of time. Look into the number of people that your municipality and fire department permits. Two people per bedroom are ideal in most cases.
      Can You Provide References?
      If a tenant is willing to provide references it indicates that he has nothing to hide. Reliable reference like that from an employer helps in verifying a stable source of income. References from a former landlord also help in obtaining useful information about the tenant.
      Are You Open To Getting A Credit And Background Check?
      A prospective tenant who is willing to get his/her credit and background check conducted by you is an extremely reliable one. However, you must get the written consent to do so as a verbal consent is not binding.
      Do You Have A History Of Eviction?
      Knowing the reason for a previous eviction helps in probing further into the personality of the prospective tenant. This question helps you identify the tenants you cannot trust with your property. However it is important to note that an eviction in no way determines the financial position of a tenant.
      Do You Have Pets?
      This is an essential question for those with a “no pets” policy. Asking this question helps in saving your time while interviewing prospective tenants as you immediately segregate the ones with pets from those without and focus on the latter.

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