Home Security Tips

A home is meant to be safe. That’s the very purpose of a home; a place where we are safe from burglars and natural calamities. However, our safety can be compromised when we become too complacent with the way we live and take it for granted that there’s no danger looming around. It’s great to be an optimist but not at the cost of you and your family’s safety.

Following are some pro-approved tips for boosting your home’s security without spending a fortune:

  • Change Your Locks: If you are moving into a new home, don’t overlook getting the locks changed. You never know whether anyone possesses the keys to the old lock. Hire a trustworthy locksmith and get the locks of the entire house changed.
  • Invest In A Video Doorbell: Video doorbells let you see whose outside when the bell rings. Buy a doorbell that lets you see, hear and speak to the person on the other end.
  • Time Your Lights And TVs: If you are travelling but want your home to look like there’s someone inside, then set timers on your fans, lights and TVs. You can switch them on when you want to give the illusion of someone in the house and switch them off at your will.
  • Install An Alarm System: Installing an alarm system is one of the best ways of protecting you and your family. There are a variety of local and national security systems to choose from as per different needs and budget. After getting the alarm system installed, stick a security sign on your front yard to dater potential thieves.
  • Use Motion Detector Lighting: Install motion detector floodlights on all the sides of your home. It’s an extremely effective way of deterring intruders from sneaking into your property at night. These lights are also economical and energy-saving.
  • Groom Your Exteriors: Take out some time to landscape your yard for added security. Property that looks well-taken care of is not something thieves want to mess around with. Avoid using plants such as hedges and bushes to cover your house as they act as barriers to neighbors who may notice unusual activity and inform you.
  • Silence On Social Media: If you are planning to go on a vacation it’s a good idea not to post anything about your whereabouts on social media. Being discreet is the best thing for the safety of your home.
  • Use Shatterproof Glass On Windows: This tip is for those who are purchasing new windows. Using shatterproof glass on the windows adds a layer of protection for you and your family as it is nearly impossible to break them down.

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