Tips To Winterize Your Killeen Rental Home

Harsh weather can take a toll on rental properties. If your home is well guarded against cold and freezing weather, it will protect you too. If you are not prepared and careful, you can put both your tenants and finances at risk. Below stated are some points that will help you to keep your home in Killeen safe during cold weather.

Turn off outdoor water faucets and drain pipes

With dropping temperature, the water in the pipes starts freezing. Let the water trickle from the faucets as it will prevent ice blocks from forming. You can also keep the cabinet doors open as it will allow the warm air to flow through your house. If you don’t have frost proof faucets, turn off the main valve. Drain out all the water from the faucets and disconnect drain pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

Keep the gutters clean

The trees around your house start shedding their leaves during winters. This clogs the gutters and can result in costly roof damage. Clean the gutters properly of all leaves and debris, so that it doesn’t allow water and snow to accumulate on the roof.  You can clean the gutters with a garden trowel or a leaf blower. Clean with a hose or it can splatter dirt all around.

Check your heating system

Check your furnace before winter arrives. Change the filter every few months, so that it functions properly. If cleaned properly, it will provide maximum heat and cut down your rental property‘s utility bills. A properly functioning air filter will also keep your house protected against accidental fires.

Clean the chimney

Rental properties with fireplaces need to be cleaned annually to keep the house safe and protected. A dirty chimney can cause fire, destroy property and injure people. While getting your chimney clean, you can look out for any damages, cracks or built up creosote in your chimney. Creosote can be crusty, flaky, tar-like drippy, sticky and is combustible in nature.

Reverse the ceiling fans

Another way of saving energy during winter months is reversing the ceiling fan. With this method you can save up to 10 percent on heating costs. The heat generated by your heating system rises to the ceiling and cold air sinks down. By switching the direction of fan blades, cold air will be drawn upwards, pushing warm air down.

Insulate outlets and switches in your house

Power outlets and switches allow cold air inside your rental home. However, you can easily and inexpensively plug the leak by sticking foam gasket around it. This will not let any warm air escape your house.

Look for any uncovered gaps

You can lose a lot of heat from your home through cracked windows and holes at the bottom of the doors. To avoid this, you can use a door sweep or consider caulking the door. Weather-stripping the windows can also be a useful technique to keep your home warm. You can also install storm windows or use a plastic film sheet to insulate the rental home.

Check all the heat sources

Make sure your heat vents are not blocked by furniture or any other item. In case you you find any, reposition the furniture so that the room can be evenly and efficiently heated. Also, do not place furniture against the vents, as it may lead to air pressure problems.

Cover the windows with thick curtains

Use curtains made of thick fabric to prevent cold air from entering inside your home. Replace the light colored curtains and furnishings with those in slightly darker shades to give a cozy feeling to your home. You can also consider creating a curtain wall, i.e. covering the main wall of the room with curtains. This will definitely help to give a warm ambiance to the room.

These points will keep your rental home protected against harsh cold and will also cut down the cost of energy consumption.

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